Nissan reveals plans for autonomous driving
- January 07, 2017

We don't know exactly when to expect the new Leaf, but given the rapid growth of competition, it's likely that Nissan is putting a rush on this model. Nissan said its strategy for bringing autonomous driving to the masses is based on four stages. This technology could potentially enable millions of driverless cars to co-exist with human drivers in an accelerated timeline. (more...)
Lenovo's Smart Assistant Has Alexa Inside for Less
- January 07, 2017

Lighting, security systems, garage doors and other Alexa-compatible devices can be controlled via voice commands while out on the road. You can tell your vehicle to stream the movie for the kids in the back, or turn down the heat in your home. (more...)
Guru Gobind Singh's parkash utsav kicks-off with colourful Nagar Keertan Guru Gobind Singh's parkash utsav kicks-off with colourful Nagar Keertan
- January 06, 2017

Akalis too had made arrangement for such event and the one being organized in Patna is matchless, Singh told media. His bravery is etched in the heart & mind of every Indian. It is a day to rededicate ourselves to the ideals of equality, brotherhood and compassion as epitomised by Guru Gobind Singhji. Guru Gobind Singh was the last of the ten Gurus, the one who transformed the Sikh faith. (more...)
Casio WSD-F20 official with rugged design, Android Wear 2.0
- January 05, 2017

At first, the WSD-F20 might appear to be nearly a clone of the WSD-F10. It's worth noting that WSD-F10 owners won't be left in the dust, though. Casio's first Android Wear device was an exception with its MIL-STD-810G rating, and the second one will be much the same. (more...)
Aurora Police searching for missing 6-year-old boy Aurora Police searching for missing 6-year-old boy
- January 04, 2017

Puckett was last seen around 5:30 p.m. on December 31 in the 15700 block of East Amherst Place in Aurora . Metz said authorities are treating the pond as a crime scene to ensure a throrough investigation. He noted that over the weekend, volunteers trained in these types of cases searched for David, Jefferson County bloodhounds were utilized, and the Aurora Police Department also obtained help from a Denver Police Department helicopter, the Arapahoe County search and rescue team, and the ... (more...)
Queen Elizabeth II pronounced dead exhausted of all these 2016 death jokes Queen Elizabeth II pronounced dead exhausted of all these 2016 death jokes
- January 02, 2017

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace confirmed the Queen was very much alive and still recovering from her cold. Buckingham Palace later unveiled three striking portraits of Her Majesty, taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz . "Circumstances are unknown. More to follow". There were already lots ofTtwitter followers expressing their condolences to the false rumor of the Queen's death. (more...)
Turkish constitution change bill headed for parliament Turkish constitution change bill headed for parliament
- December 31, 2016

If the National Assembly approves the bill, which it is set to discuss in January, a referendum would have to approve the amendment as well, before it becomes law. His ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) wants the backing of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) opposition to see the plan through parliament. (more...)
Ford reveals next generation Fusion Hybrid autonomous vehicle Ford reveals next generation Fusion Hybrid autonomous vehicle
- December 29, 2016

The autonomous development vehicle also features LiDAR sensors with a wider field of vision. The company says, however, the development vehicle gets better processing power with new computer hardware. Three optical cameras on the Fusion's Roof racks, a front-facing camera behind the windshield, short-and long-range radar complete the picture the vehicle sees, which is used together using the onboard computing power. (more...)
Taylor Swift's latest surprise visit could be her sweetest yet
- December 28, 2016

Yeah, I just enjoy it, I'm getting old. Taylor Swift just proved that her fanbase crosses both gender and generational boundaries. Taylor Swift is a real sweetheart. As for the miracle worker herself, Swift celebrated Christmas early this year with her childhood friend, Abigail Anderson, and bestie Lily Aldridge. (more...)
Self-Driving Ubers Find a New Home after California Revokes Their Registrations
- December 24, 2016

Right-hook turns are illegal in California, where drivers must merge as far to the right as possible. "Our cars departed for Arizona this morning by truck". Currently, there are 20 other companies who are undergoing self-driving trials, all of which have the necessary permits. Levandowski compared Uber's self-driving vehicle system to Tesla's autopilot, but it seems that California regulators are not convinced. (more...)
Pokemon Go Holiday Event: It's Raining Gen 2 Pokemon & Incubators!
- December 24, 2016

Today, Niantic announced that Pokemon GO is available on the Apple Watch, just in time for the holiday season. During the Halloween event in November, " Pokemon Go " fans were treated to an abundance of creatures to blend in with the season. (more...)
Team Indus, Japan's Hakuto combine for Moon mission Team Indus, Japan's Hakuto combine for Moon mission
- December 23, 2016

Hakuto's move suggests that it could either not build the required spacecraft, or sign a launch contract. Team leader Takeshi Hakamada says he's excited now that they have secured a way to send the rover to the moon. In addition, Team Indus is already carrying indigenous rover that will try to fly the Indian flag on the lunar surface on the Republic Day in 2018. The competition requires a privately-funded spacecraft to land on the Moon, get a rover to travel 500 metres, and transmit ... (more...)
Netflix US Twitter account hacked
- December 22, 2016

Along with this, the group claims it has gained access to the password and phone number associated with his Twitter account. One of the tweet taunts Netflix's security on Twitter, probably a week password, with a message reading "World security is s**t". (more...), Inc.'s Amazon Echo Sold Out Online
- December 21, 2016

If you're looking to get your hands on Amazon's hottest gadget, the Echo, before Christmas, you need to drive to a store. tells customers to "Check Stores" - I checked the Raleigh, NC area and couldn't find an Echo in-store within a 250-mile radius. (more...)
ULA set for weekend launch in Florida
- December 20, 2016

The rocket lifted off at 2:13 p.m. The launch will bring to an end the calendar year for United Launch Alliance, which has launched 12 rockets this year. The United Launch Alliance rocket carried EchoStar XIX , the world's highest capacity broadband satellite, into orbit. Artwork for ULA Atlas V launch of EchoStar 19 high speed Internet satellite on December 18, 2016 from Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. (more...)
Bitter cold, strong winds blast the Northeast Bitter cold, strong winds blast the Northeast
- December 19, 2016

Temperatures early Friday are in the teens and the wind chill makes it feel like it's in the single digits. Curren says Friday night will likely see some snow before it transitions into a wintry mix on Saturday. A 34-year-old woman died of hypothermia in St. Paul, Minnesota. Wind chills will eventually drop below zero. Maine State Police said a malfunctioning kerosene heater played a role in the death of a man in Turner. (more...)
Vine Will Continue To Live On As A Standalone Camera App Vine Will Continue To Live On As A Standalone Camera App
- December 18, 2016

The Vine website will also undergo a transition, as it will become a website that will function as a Vine archive for all the videos created through the soon-to-be-rebranded app. Dubbed Vine Camera, the 6-second looping videos that made Vine famous is still there, it's just that there will no longer be a Vine social network to share those videos with anymore. (more...)
Shocked Trump Voters Are Calling Planned Parenthood
- December 18, 2016

With Trump and his running mate, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, touting the most aggressive pro-life platform by a presidential campaign in the modern history of the United States, a renewed pro-life climate in the nation's capital has rekindled a sense of hope that is working toward the eradication of taxpayer money funding the notorious abortion provider. (more...)
Ratan Tata likely to step down as Chairman of Tata Trusts Ratan Tata likely to step down as Chairman of Tata Trusts
- December 17, 2016

Mr Mistry has accused Mr Tata, 79, of using the Trusts as a separate power base, retaining control of the overall group even after he retired as chairman of Tata Sons . Krishna Kumar told Reuters talk about succession started before the current Mistry storm: "There is no question of an external firm being consulted". (more...)
Court sinks The Pirate Bay in Australia Court sinks The Pirate Bay in Australia
- December 17, 2016

The order has the potential to affect Australians' usage of the internet as a large chunk of data is spent streaming on these sites or downloading content from them. Upon being blocked from the said torrent sites, users who would try to access them should be redirected to a different page explaining why the said sites were blocked or taken down, as ordered by the Judge. (more...)