Peter Dutton calls Cory Bernardi's defection a 'betrayal' Peter Dutton calls Cory Bernardi's defection a 'betrayal'
- February 08, 2017

Although Bernardi's colleague pleaded to reconsider his move, former Senator Sean Edwards expressed his disappointment to his fellow South Australian. "If you look back over Cory's career - with one or two exceptions - he's never laid a glove on the Labor Party", said Mr Ciobo on Sky News. She admitted she now knew very little of Senator Bernardi's positions on agriculture policy or in general, "other than that he's a staunch conservative, supports small government, lower taxes and has ... (more...)
IAAF maintain ban on Russian athletes IAAF maintain ban on Russian athletes
- February 07, 2017

The taskforce stated that concerns still persist over drug-testing procedures in Russian Federation, who were suspended from competing at last year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Last week, RusAF revealed the names of 31 of its athletes to have made applications, including both world and Olympic champions. More than 60 Russian athletes have been added to the IAAF's worldwide testing pool which, although not guaranteeing those athletes reinstatement, Coe said it does mean the world ... (more...)
Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high
- February 07, 2017

UNAMA documented 899 civilian casualties (209 deaths and 690 injured) in comparison to 82 civilian casualties (39 deaths and 43 injured) in 2015, the report said, adding that the primary tactics used by the group were suicide attacks and target killings. (more...)
Australia's Bishop Says US Continues to Process Nauru Refugees
- February 06, 2017

But Bishop told reporters while on the election trail in Western Australia on Saturday that she understood interviewing and vetting was still taking place. "I am completely supportive of the Government's efforts to see the refugee deal honoured with the United States", he said. The White House is yet to determine and make public what an extreme vetting process would entail, but detainees and their advocates are concerned it would effectively rule out all the eligible detainees. (more...)
Wisma Putra: Bangladesh has allowed Rohingya food ship to dock in Teknaf
- February 06, 2017

During the meeting, Md Shahidul said he understands the concerns of Malaysians and promises to get more information from the government of Bangladesh over the matter. The UAE, which has promised more humanitarian aid to the Rohingya, made its position clear even before the report was released. An estimated 69,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh since the unrest began on October 9. (more...)
Donald Trump Thanks Malcolm Turnbull For "Telling The Truth" On Phone Call
- February 04, 2017

The US president reportedly fumed about the deal the Obama administration struck with Canberra to take refugees from Nauru and Manus Island when the pair spoke on Sunday morning. The publication reports that, prior to hanging up, he informed Turnbull that, compared to his phone calls with four other world leaders that day, "this was the worst call by far ". (more...)
Former coach Art Briles drops libel lawsuit against against Baylor
- February 03, 2017

Cannon did not comment on Briles' decision to drop the lawsuit. Briles' attorney said Wednesday the former Baylor coach wanted peace in his life. Shillinglaw said that the statements made by four regents at the university, James Gray, Ronald Murff, David Harper, and Dr. (more...)
Inside Your Earlobe Is A Terrible Place To Keep A Pet Snake
- February 02, 2017

I didn't move because I really thought he was like attacking the side of my head", she explained. The firefighters tried to get the snake out of her ear, but they were unsuccessful and Glaw's daughter's grandmother took her to the hospital. (more...)
US Elite Forces Attack Qaeda in Yemen US Elite Forces Attack Qaeda in Yemen
- February 01, 2017

Spicer refused to confirm the details of the operation, beyond saying that it yielded important information and resulted in the deaths of more than a dozen suspected al-Qaeda operatives and one US service member. He continued, 'They (referring to the SEALs) entered another house and killed everybody in it, including all the women. The Obama administration said it was legal to target and kill a USA citizen if the person represented an active threat to the us homeland. (more...)
Fighting Persists Around Eastern Ukrainian Town
- February 01, 2017

The deadliest flare-up in fighting in eastern Ukraine since December stretched into a third day as President Petro Poroshenko broke off a visit to Germany. "We deeply regret that as a result of this attack against the Donbas rebels, people on both sides died", he added. Troops crossed the line of contact separating the two sides, showing Ukraine is unwilling to adhere to the peace deal, he told reporters on a conference call. (more...)
Trump upends National Security Council, appoints Bannon and Priebus Trump upends National Security Council, appoints Bannon and Priebus
- January 31, 2017

That's at least according to Democratic and Republican national security experts with whom I've spoken. Bannon has drawn controversy for his role as the publisher of Breitbart, a website that has run racist and misogynistic articles . President George W. Bush did not even invite strategist Karl Rove to the meetings. The NSC is the staff inside the White House that coordinates decisions made by the president with any action that may be taken by the State Department and the Pentagon. (more...)
California, New York mulling challenge to Trump immigration order
- January 31, 2017

Under the executive order Trump signed Friday, refugees from all over the world will be suspended from entering the United States for 120 days while all immigration from so-called "countries with terrorism concerns" will be suspended for 90 days. (more...)
President's ordersDonald Trump gets serious about building a border wall President's ordersDonald Trump gets serious about building a border wall
- January 29, 2017

As many have observed, Trump's insistence on a new border wall between the US and Mexico comes as undocumented border crossings have already sunk to a 40-year low. The issue of illegal immigrants has roiled United States politics for several years, with nationalist voices advocating for a sealed border with Mexico and the deportation of the approximately 11 million Hispanic immigrants thought to be in the USA illegally. (more...)
President Trump: 'Very Early' To Talk About Lifting Sanctions Against Russia President Trump: 'Very Early' To Talk About Lifting Sanctions Against Russia
- January 28, 2017

Trump's first week has been filled with the signing of executive orders. There are reports that a presidential order undoing Barack Obama's executive actions has already been drafted. And questioned further by " CBS This Morning " co-host Gayle King on why Mexico would pay for a wall the country does not want, Conway said: "Well they don't want it, Gayle, because they want to continue to allow people and, I assume, drugs - since they're not doing much to stop that - pouring over our ... (more...)
Berks lawmakers talk about President Trump's appearance in Philadelphia Berks lawmakers talk about President Trump's appearance in Philadelphia
- January 28, 2017

Trump pressed the lawmakers to act on lowering taxes on "all American businesses" and the middle class and to repeal former Democratic President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. Mexico has said it will not. Democrats said a wall can't take the place of comprehensive immigration reform that includes border security, visa changes and a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants already living in the country. (more...)
Russia, Turkey and Iran agree to safeguard Syrian ceasefire
- January 26, 2017

The Syrian opposition does not make the same assessment of the role of Iran . However, after two days of deliberations an initial draft communique suggests the powers have agreed little beyond reaffirming the need for a political resolution and to reaffirm a December 30 ceasefire that each side accuses the other of violating. (more...)
Women's health under Trump: Funding banned for NGOs which support abortion overseas Women's health under Trump: Funding banned for NGOs which support abortion overseas
- January 26, 2017

The Independentreports that the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation for the Dutch government, Lilianne Ploumen, has announced plans to create an global fund that would provide money for services such as birth control, abortion, and education in developing countries. (more...)
Knights of Malta head resigns amid spat with Pope Francis Knights of Malta head resigns amid spat with Pope Francis
- January 26, 2017

Mr Festing had refused to cooperate with a papal commission investigating his decision to suspend the Knights of Malta's grand chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager , on 8th December 2016. The showdown has unfolded against the backdrop of Francis' increasing clashes with more conservative elements in the church, especially those for whom sexual ethics and doctrinal orthodoxy are paramount. (more...)
Russian Cybersecurity Expert At Kaspersky Lab Arrested For Treason
- January 26, 2017

Ruslan Stoyanov is under investigation for a period predating his employment at Kaspersky Lab. The statement added that Kaspersky does not possess any details about the investigation. The Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, founded in 1997 in Moscow, operates in nearly 200 countries and territories worldwide, and its products and technologies are used by over 300 million users. (more...)
Russian Federation sets up Moscow meeting with Syrian opposition Russian Federation sets up Moscow meeting with Syrian opposition
- January 26, 2017

As a result of the talks, Russia, Iran and Turkey chose to establish a trilateral mechanism to monitor the ceasefire in Syria. "We agreed in Astana that the armed opposition will participate in the negotiations on the settlement in Syria, along with the political opposition, in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council", Lavrov told the Russian State Duma. (more...)