Father, brother of Manchester bomber arrested in Libya
- May 25, 2017

Rudd said she had complained to United States officials to make sure the flow of information is staunched. Twenty-two people were killed and dozens more seriously injured when Abedi, 22, detonated a device as fans left Manchester Arena , where U.S. (more...)
Saudi, UAE pledge $100mn to Ivanka Trump women's fund
- May 25, 2017

He said: "Terrorism has spread across the world". He will meet Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday as he seeks ways to restart moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. "Who fights against terrorism? Syrian, Iraqis, Iranians, Hezbollah and Russian Federation", his translated words said. But Trump lavished praise on King Salman. (more...)
Rouhani says regional stability impossible without Iran
- May 24, 2017

Mr Rouhani yesterday ridiculed United States strategy in the Middle East, dismissing Mr Trump's summit with Arab leaders on Sunday as "just a show". But the foundation of power is national strength and this only happens through elections", Rouhani said ."Maybe it will help if Saudi leaders let their people to decide over their country's fate by casting their vote. (more...)
South Korea's Moon Jae-in seeking Vatican's help on North Korea
- May 24, 2017

One U.S. official said it appeared to be a successful test of the land-based version of North Korea's sub-launched missile, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports. It said the test would have provided more "meaningful data" for North Korea's missile programme, but further analysis was necessary to determine whether Pyongyang had mastered the technology needed to stop the warhead burning upon re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. (more...)
Texas lawmakers advance anti-LGBT adoption, bathroom bills Texas lawmakers advance anti-LGBT adoption, bathroom bills
- May 24, 2017

The amendment is in direct contradiction to Obama-era guidelines urging schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. However, the bill does prevent Texas from taking "adverse action" against a child welfare organization that "has declined or will decline to provide, facilitate, or refer a person for child welfare services that conflict with, or under circumstances that conflict with, the provider 's sincerely held religious beliefs". (more...)
Korea bears the brunt of China's displeasure Korea bears the brunt of China's displeasure
- May 24, 2017

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD ), despite its strong objection. They were believed to have held talks on prospects for containing North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons activities as well as the economic fallout over the deployment in South Korea of the USA missile defense system called THAAD. (more...)
Palestinian 'Day of Rage' Protests Trump, Imprisonment and Imperial 'Peace' Calls
- May 24, 2017

At talks with Mahmoud Abbas, he spoke of being gratified that the Palestinian leader had committed to taking necessary steps to "fight terrorism". Trump had arrived in Bethlehem by motorcade, crossing a checkpoint at Israel's controversial separation wall, and was greeted by Abbas and other dignitaries outside the city's presidential palace. (more...)
Trump announces plans to soon visit Egypt Trump announces plans to soon visit Egypt
- May 22, 2017

Trump said he was having "very, very important talks" with Sisi. "We will absolutely be putting that on the list very soon", he said. Since then, Sisi has been slowly moving back into the fold, but a visit from Trump would be a huge boost for the Egyptian president. (more...)
Israeli, Palestinian leaders agree on two-state solution, differ on Jerusalem Israeli, Palestinian leaders agree on two-state solution, differ on Jerusalem
- May 22, 2017

There are no direct flights between the two countries. Prominent Palestinian and Israeli negotiators on Saturday agreed that the two-state solution was the key to the resolution of the decade-long Palestinian-Israeli conflict, while they differed on the fate of Jerusalem in future peace talks. (more...)
Palestinians injured during rallies for prisoners
- May 20, 2017

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Israel and the Palestinians that omits any reference to Hamas, but which advocates of the Jewish state said was more balanced than previous documents endorsed by that institution. They were all treated at the scene. The situation on the ground in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Friday reached a critical and risky juncture as the health of the hunger-striking Palestinian political prisoners continued to deteriorate on the 33rd day of ... (more...)
French President-elect Macron gears up for challenges ahead French President-elect Macron gears up for challenges ahead
- May 20, 2017

The European Union breathed a sigh of relief at the election of a supportive French leader and the euro briefly hit a six-month high, but Macron faces a formidable challenge to enact his programme while trying to unite a fractured and demoralised country. (more...)
Controversy over Trump's Israel policy continues ahead of visit
- May 18, 2017

U.S. National Security H.R. McMaster briefed reporters about President Donald Trump's upcoming trip overseas at the White House on Tuesday. Spicer said the Western Wall is in fact in Jerusalem, but would not say it is in Israel . Friedman arrived Monday and immediately visited the Western Wall, praying there and kissing the sacred site. He also held face-to-face talks in Washington , DC with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas earlier this month, confidently predicting that a peace ... (more...)
Trump Honors Fallen Police Officers: Attacks on Police 'Must End Right Now' Trump Honors Fallen Police Officers: Attacks on Police 'Must End Right Now'
- May 18, 2017

Like many of you, I understand and respect the great sacrifices our courageous, devoted officers make every day protecting us from danger. They dedicate themselves, day in and day out, to all the needs that we have. Anderson (Sept. 3, 2009), Chief Henry Dilmus Hart (Feb. 1, 1884), Sheriff W.S. "Buck" Jones (June 29, 1932), Sgt. Roger Lamar Motley, Jr. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Bates, of Lancashire Constabulary, said: "Every single day, in forces up and down the country, officers put ... (more...)
North Korea: Ballistic missile test successful
- May 17, 2017

Apart from its threat to the United States, North Korea's latest provocation poses a clear test of Moon Jae-in. "If you recall, there was a time when North Korea announced it was suspending this kind of (nuclear) program, but unfortunately certain participants in the negotiations process did not have enough patience". (more...)
Trump to meet Turkey's president amid sharp differences
- May 17, 2017

Trump's willingness to partner with authoritarian rulers and overlook their shortcomings on democracy and human rights has alarmed US lawmakers of both parties. Turkey believes the Kurds in Syria are linked to the PKK. "I am hopeful - I'm hopeful and I'm going to preserve that hope", he said. In another potential trade off, the United States could commit to putting more pressure on Fetullah Gulen's network. (more...)
Will fight fascist BJP till my last breath: Lalu Will fight fascist BJP till my last breath: Lalu
- May 17, 2017

Along with Lalu Prasad Yadav, the raids are being conducted on several others in connection with benami land deals worth 1,000 crore. Is it an Alliance to protect the corrupt, to give a cover to the rank corruption of its constituents? "A profit worth 1000 crores is questionable, and hence he is under the scanner", said Prasad, alleging that the state was looted during his tenure as Chief Minister. (more...)
Melissa McCarthy Rides Through New York as Spicer
- May 17, 2017

The depiction referenced a Washington Post article detailing Mr Spicer's awkward retreat into the shrubbery to avoid the media following the unceremonious dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday. Let's start where we all want to start: McCarthy's delightful impression of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer . In honor of Mother's Day, Melissa McCarthy paid tribute to moms during her monologue on " Saturday Night Live " last night. (more...)
China ends Belt, Road summit with a call to end protectionism China ends Belt, Road summit with a call to end protectionism
- May 16, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged $124 billion for his Belt and Road Initiative at an worldwide forum on Sunday. Kayonga said the belt and road initiative the vision of Africa's Agenda 2063, which aims to integrate the continent and to develop sustainable economies. (more...)
BC Election 2017: 4 Liberal ministers unseated
- May 15, 2017

The Greens haven't said anything about who they would support in the new government. Weaver, speaking to supporters Tuesday night, said the Greens could work with either party but he did not indicate a preference. The B.C. Liberal party has been in power for 16 years and is attempting to build on four straight majority governments by running on the party's record of economic growth and financial stability. (more...)
North Korea poses 'existential' threat, US intel chief warns North Korea poses 'existential' threat, US intel chief warns
- May 14, 2017

Iran continues to make critical technological strides in its efforts to flawless an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering nuclear weapons over great distances, efforts that violate worldwide prohibitions, according to the director of national intelligence, who informed Congress this week that the Islamic Republic "would choose ballistic missiles as its preferred method of delivering nuclear weapons". (more...)