Malaysia hunting for more N. Korean suspects in Kim's death
- March 30, 2017

CNN military analyst Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling said advances in North Korea's rocket system could help with the country's development of ICBMs - intercontinental ballistic missiles. "And the better they can improve their technology to do that, the more accurate these systems are going to be - not only from leaving the pad, but also going into the atmosphere and then hitting the target on the other side". (more...)
Kerala minister quits over sleaze talk, denies wrongdoing Kerala minister quits over sleaze talk, denies wrongdoing
- March 29, 2017

The audio was released by Mangalam TV . "The Kerala minister has resigned because I think he is guilty. I don't wish to hear that and hence made a decision to quit", he added. Earlier, in October, senior CPI (M) leader E P Jayarajan, who was holding the portfolio of Industries, had stepped down after allegations that he appointed his family members as heads of public sector undertakings. (more...)
Eight students feared dead in Japan avalanche Eight students feared dead in Japan avalanche
- March 29, 2017

Firefighters make rescue operation at a ski resort following an avalanche in Nasu, Tochigi prefecture, Monday, March 27, 2017. Dozens of high school students and about 12 teachers had been taking part in a mountain climbing safety training exercise in the Nasu area, which is located about 100 miles north of Tokyo. (more...)
SPEAKER STRAUS: House Public Ed Committee Moves Forward on School Finance Reform
- March 29, 2017

The bill heads to the Senate for further consideration. A Senate committee approved a controversial bill Monday that would change the Superintendent of Public Instruction from an elected position to an appointed one. Indiana Chamber vice president Caryl Auslander notes the Chamber has called for an appointed superintendent for 30 years, but says the "dysfunction and acrimony" between then-Governor Mike Pence and former Superintendent Glenda Ritz demonstrates why. (more...)
Test tornado drill to be conducted Wednesday Test tornado drill to be conducted Wednesday
- March 29, 2017

Large hail and strong winds hit parts of Texas and Oklahoma as a storm system rolled through the Southern Plains. A "big line of storms" will form out in front of the cold air and sweep across the state, eventually crossing the Mississippi River around 6 a.m. (more...)
Dozens arrested in Russian Federation during protests over anti-corruption leader's arrest Dozens arrested in Russian Federation during protests over anti-corruption leader's arrest
- March 27, 2017

Police detained Navalny shortly after 2:00 pm (1100 GMT) as he was walking to the protest, putting him in a police minibus, and the surrounding crowd briefly tried to block it from driving off shouting "Shame!" and "Let him out!" Protestors denouncing government corruption gathered in cities across Russian Federation on Sunday and dozens of arrests have been reported. (more...)
Cracks on show at European Union 'unity' summit in Rome Cracks on show at European Union 'unity' summit in Rome
- March 26, 2017

Entering the Sala Regia of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis placed his hand above his heart and bowed slightly to the European leaders before taking his seat. And while he said problems such as the economic and migration crises and the rise of populism could be overcome, he said they could prove fatal if not treated. (more...)
Erdogan says Bulgaria's pressure on Turks 'unacceptable'
- March 26, 2017

Bulgaria called Sunday's early parliamentary elections after former Prime Minister Boiko Borisov resigned in November following his party's loss in presidential polls. "I hope that these nations, the United States and Britain, will review this and withdraw it as soon as possible", Erdogan said in a televised interview. (more...)
Overnight Energy: Trump's Keystone XL approval coming soon
- March 26, 2017

The State Department faces two deadlines Monday for deciding whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline , but while a green light is widely expected, the company that would build the project said talks were still in progress. "Given all the foolish, antiquated policy and rhetoric we've already seen from this administration on energy and climate, we're angered but not surprised by the decision to pursue Keystone XL". (more...)
'You have to finish his work'- Bill Clinton
- March 25, 2017

Mr McGuinness died in the early hours of Tuesday from a rare genetic heart condition. On Thursday morning, Carol Nolan said she was proud to see the tricolour flying at half mast over Leinster House as a mark of respect for "a true patriot and statesman". (more...)
Michael O'Neill 'deeply saddened' by shock passing of Ryan McBride Michael O'Neill 'deeply saddened' by shock passing of Ryan McBride
- March 25, 2017

And Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill has this week offered his condolences to the family of the Derry City skipper, following his death at the age of 27. This is the second tragedy to strike the team in just over a year. Derry's record goalscorer had been receiving treatment for an aggressive brain tumour. (more...)
Murder victim's mother joins anti-death penalty protesters at rally
- March 23, 2017

WESH 2 News cameras were rolling last month when State Attorney Aramis Ayala was asked about the death penalty policy her office was developing. After she refused, the governor signed an executive order, provided for in Florida law that says he can appoint a special prosecutor if, "for any good and sufficient reason, he determines the ends of justice would be best served". (more...)
Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements to Hama
- March 23, 2017

Tahrir al-Sham and the rival jihadist group, Islamic State, are excluded from the truce. Abdel Rahman said with Sunday's attack, "rebels have shifted from a defensive position in Jobar into an offensive one". According to the Sana news agency, Syrian government forces are now involved in an anti-terrorist operation in the Jobar suburb of Damascus . The Free Idlib Army, which is taking part in the offensive, said it targeted the Hama military airport and other government positions ... (more...)
Paris: Prosecutors launch anti-terror investigation
- March 22, 2017

The attacker's motives were unknown but the anti-terror section of the Paris prosecutors' office immediately took over the investigation. After throwing down a bag containing a can of petrol and putting an air pistol to the head of the soldier, he was shot three times by her colleagues. (more...)
Germany's Merkel and Japan's Abe Urge Free Trade with Jabs at US Germany's Merkel and Japan's Abe Urge Free Trade with Jabs at US
- March 22, 2017

As they met for bilateral talks, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he was targeting a deal "at the earliest possible date", while Juncker suggested it should be clinched within the next nine months. The comments from Abe and Merkel come following meetings with U.S. President Donald Trump who has continuously taken an anti-globalization stance. Trump insisted he was not isolationist, saying: "I'm a free trader but also a fair trader". (more...)
Tragic end for 'Piggy Bank' turtle in Thailand Tragic end for 'Piggy Bank' turtle in Thailand
- March 22, 2017

Eventually, the money formed a 5-kilogram (11-pound) weight that cracked Bank's shell. Despite efforts and a four hour operation, the turtle didn't survive - but they did say that "Bank", the sea turtle, 'had the chance to swim freely and eat happily before she passed'. (more...)
Israeli Ambassador Hopes Russia Will Help Avoid Escalation in Syria Israeli Ambassador Hopes Russia Will Help Avoid Escalation in Syria
- March 21, 2017

The IDF, however, denied that, stating that "at no point was the safety of civilians or IAF aircraft compromised". It marked the first time Israel had used the Arrow missile, which has been jointly developed with the U.S. Others claimed that he was a civilian. Israel has held the Syrian regime responsible for arms transfers to Hezbollah, and has sworn to act to intercept them. (more...)
Plane crashes in South Sudan Plane crashes in South Sudan
- March 21, 2017

He added that the accident was caused by poor visibility that led to a collision between the plane and a firefighter truck during landing. It was not clear if the rest of the passengers were alive or dead. The South Supreme Airlines plane crash-landed on the runway of Wau Airport on Monday, with photos of the wreckage quickly being shared by witnesses on social media. (more...)
Texas Gas Prices for March 12-18 Texas Gas Prices for March 12-18
- March 21, 2017

A year ago this week, prices in Rockford were below the $2.00 mark, at $1.97. Though oil prices are some of their lowest of the year, AAA predicted that routine spring maintenance on Gulf refineries could push prices 25-50 cents higher by June. (more...)
Tillerson in South Korea in search of 'new approach' on North Korea
- March 20, 2017

Donald Trump took aim at North Korea Friday warning the country had been "behaving badly", while his administration said military force is an option to deal with any threat from the North's weapons program. Trump placed a "very high value on the communications that have already occurred" between Xi and the USA president. But South Korean human rights groups say China has turned hardline again since Seoul agreed late past year to let the USA station the THAAD battery here. (more...)