The Great Wall: A movie about monsters and fireworks
- February 19, 2017

Zhang Yimou has created handsome films before with thoughtful characters and wonderful visuals, but with The Great Wall the story, the mythology of the creatures and the characters all take a back seat to the admittedly eye-popping visuals. (more...)
Kim toxicology report could take two weeks: Malaysia
- February 19, 2017

He spent most of his time overseas in Macau, mainland China and Singapore. "The deceased. felt like someone grabbed or held his face from behind". "They said that they should conduct a post-mortem on him in order to clarify the cause of the death ", the ambassador said. (more...)
Roman Polanski Hopeful Of US Return With Plea Deal
- February 19, 2017

In a 1977 deal with prosecutors, Polanski pleaded guilty to one count of statutory rape for having sex with the underage girl during a photo shoot in Los Angeles. As for the victim ... she's now in her 50s and has asked the courts to close the case without imposing more jail time. "Braun's letter seeks the unsealing of testimony from retired Deputy District Attorney Roger Gunson, who handled Polanski's case", the Hollywood Reporter writes . (more...)
The first lady will focus on 'womens' difficulties,' President Trump says
- February 17, 2017

While Melania, 46, seems to have conceded the office's aesthetic to her 35-year-old step-daughter, the First Lady will be in charge of making the White House feel like home. However, the notoriously private First Lady has recently created her own hashtag that she adds to each of her tweets: #PowerToTheFirstLady. Melania couldn't even be cajoled into accompanying the Japanese Prime Minister's wife, Akie Abe , on the traditionally first lady-hosted capitol tour for visiting dignitary spouses. (more...)
Lady Gaga's 2017 Grammys Outfit Shows Off Her Tough Side
- February 14, 2017

For a lesser band, a mic malfunction might have put a damper on their night or lingered into their later performances. This is truly surprising because in all the years I've seen Metallica, the band always perform without problems. Unfortunately, singer James Hetfield's mic was producing no sound for the most of the performance. Midway through the number, Gaga jumped into a mosh pit in hopes of crowd surfing, but never actually went anywhere. (more...)
Are you a Netflix cheater? Are you a Netflix cheater?
- February 14, 2017

Indeed, 63 percent of cheaters say they'd gladly do it more if they knew they'd get away with it, and almost half of those who do the dirty are repeat offenders - once a Netflix cheater always a Netflix cheater. We're talking about Netflix cheating, that is. Dramas like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black cause the most cheating, but the daddy of infidelity is Breaking Bad , responsible for one in five streaming affairs! That's when you've agreed to watch a show on ... (more...)
Election commissioner to Trump: Show evidence of voter fraud Election commissioner to Trump: Show evidence of voter fraud
- February 13, 2017

She said the President's reported comments constituted an "extraordinarily serious and specific charge" that could not be ignored. Weintraub further noted the seriousness and specificity of the allegations, urging Trump to share his evidence, so that an investigation can commence. (more...)
Matt Reeves in negotiations to direct 'The Batman'
- February 12, 2017

He said that he is looking for a director who would help him make this big film. But Warner Bros has chosen Matt Reeves , and unless something falls through in negotiations, Reeves will direct the next Batman movie. Reeves has done well with Cloverfield and the Planet of the Apes series so his energy and style should fit The Batman well. If that changes, rest assured we'll let you know. (more...)
How to see this weekend's 'snow moon' eclipse and comet
- February 11, 2017

Friday night will be a special one for stargazers with a snow moon , a lunar eclipse and a comet . The website slooh . com will show a live feed of the penumbral lunar eclipse online beginning at 2:30 p.m. This is the closest passing of a comet to earth since 1983. While the dimming can be viewed with the naked eye, Bertels said viewers could see it more clearly with binoculars . (more...)
Are Tom Jones & Priscilla Presley Dating?
- February 10, 2017

But whilst he stopped short of denying the rumours of romance, Tom said he enjoyed Priscilla's company. Tom told the Sun in an interview that he and Priscilla have been friends for some time, and have been savoring their time spent together. (more...)
Kate Middleton Would Have Better Valentine's Plans Than Everyone Else
- February 06, 2017

About 150 Team Heads Together volunteers are preparing to run in the marathon to support the cause. In an event for their mental health awareness campaign Heads Together , Prince William , Princess Kate and Prince Harry faced off in a relay race at London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with runners training for the upcoming London Marathon, of which Heads Together is the official charity partner. (more...)
Why black history matters: Trump's awkward teaching moment Why black history matters: Trump's awkward teaching moment
- February 06, 2017

The leaders appeared before the press following their meeting with President Trump and told One America News that Trump understands the timeline necessary to fix many problems in America's inner cities. Many Americans remain hopeful that Trump will bring positive changes. "Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and "millions more black Americans who made America what it is today", Trump said". (more...)
Kim Kardashian's Alleged Robbers Studied Social Media to Plan Attack
- February 01, 2017

Kim Kardashian's Paris robber, Aomar Ait Khedache , recently confirmed that they melted and sold nearly all of the reality TV star's jewelry after stealing them previous year. They didn't sell it, Aomar reportedly told police, because "Everyone was afraid...because it's a stone that's very easy to identify". He is now one of 10 people charged and is being held without bail. (more...)
Shocking Abuse Allegations Surface in Nasty Robin Thicke-Paula Patton Custody Battle
- January 30, 2017

Meanwhile, the " Blurred Lines " crooner denied all claims, suggesting that Patton's claims were meant to punish him for neglecting to invite her to his father Alan Thicke's funeral. Court documents filed on January 12 allege Patton "became concerned" over the previous year about Thicke's "drinking and drug use, as well as the forms of punishment he is using to discipline Julian ". (more...)
Selena Gomez: Why Her Friends Allegedly Want Her To Dump The Weeknd
- January 30, 2017

Celeb Dirty Laundry claims that Selena had promised herself that she would make endless changes once she left rehab, starting off with her career. This weekend (lol), the two were spotted hanging out in Italy, and they decided it would be the ideal time to share a cheeky Insta Stories snap. (more...)
Celine Dion to join Gwen Stefani on The Voice
- January 29, 2017

For her part, Dion said she was looking forward to working on " The Voice ", and exposing herself to new styles and different artists. "Blake said he's been carrying around a ton of emotional baggage and guilt since they divorced last summer", a source told the website. (more...)
We'll never know how Mary Tyler Moore felt about Mary Richards We'll never know how Mary Tyler Moore felt about Mary Richards
- January 28, 2017

Elizabeth Vargas spoke with Midday about the star and her death. But she widened the circle; she showed the world T1D wasn't just a disease of children. "Know that I love you and believe in your strength". I've discovered that my initial reaction is, in fact, a common one. Moore died of cardiac arrest Tuesday at the hospital while surrounded by friends and family. (more...)
Shia LaBeouf Arrested Outside NYC Museum During Donald Trump Protest Shia LaBeouf Arrested Outside NYC Museum During Donald Trump Protest
- January 28, 2017

Labeouf attends a news conference to promote the film Man Down at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2015. In the video, it appears that LaBeouf did little more than shove the man away, but it remains unclear what, if anything, transpired before and after the video was taken. (more...)
Madonna Jets To Malawi, Applies To Adopt Two More Children
- January 27, 2017

Lilongwe High Court officials said Madonna appeared before Justice Fiona Mwale. Last September she lost a custody battle with her ex-husband, film director Guy Ritchie, over Rocco, 16, that ensured he will remain in the UK. "I could get my head around people giving me a hard time for. publishing my Sex book, even kissing Britney Spears at an awards show, but trying to save a child's life was not something I thought I would be punished for". (more...)
Natural Living: Happy Chinese New Year! Natural Living: Happy Chinese New Year!
- January 27, 2017

Friday marks the start of the Chinese new year, a celebration that lasts through February 4. In this perspective, regulators and casino operators in both Macau and Las Vegas are probably keeping their fingers crossed, rubbing horseshoes and looking for four-leaf clovers to boost their chances in the luck battle at the start of this Chinese New Year of the Rooster! Birmingham's Chinese community is preparing to welcome in the Year of the Rooster on Sunday (29 January 2017) with an afternoon ... (more...)